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Industrial Disco Ball

Kristine Luv Corona from Victory U-Belt in the Philippines brings us this chandelier from gears.

They saw this industrial disco ball on the internet and thought it fit into the “industrial club feel” they are trying to create in their youth service. They constructed a 6 feet sphere made of a steel bar (no.10) that cost around $14. The gears were a combination of (2 pieces) metal sheet and (6 pieces) rubber sheet that cost $60 total. They shaped the gears using metal scissors and attached the gears to the sphere using wires. To complete the design, they used grey spray paint ($13). The design on the side of the disco ball was made of metal sheet also that cost an additional $45.

A total of $132 expense.


attaching the gears

industrial disco ball


stage design

steel bar structure

Geometric Energy Portable Reflections

4 responses to “Industrial Disco Ball”

  1. Ash Braquet says:

    What a great idea! What did you use to light the inside of the ball?

  2. Josh Gilson says:

    Very Unique, I like it.

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