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Infinity Lights

AJ Guptill from Crosspoint Church in Fredericton, NB, Canada brings us these cool lights inspired by infinity mirrors.

AJ came across a picture of an infinity mirror and thought it would be awesome to try making some for their stage. AJ realized that they only look good if you are standing directly in front of them and about 2ft away (not ideal for church situations). They had all these LED strips cut and glued to boards (seen in one of the pictures), so they had to figure out something to do with them that could be done in only a couple of days. While assembling one of the infinity mirrors, AJ realized that by changing the angle of the mirrors he could make it seem like there were multiple LED strips, but still only using one. They decided to use that idea and ended up with a really cool result for a very small price.

For each “light”, they used a single 2ft+/- RGB LED strip, one piece of 1×2 (same length as strips), 2 pieces of mirror approximately 6-8 inches deep by the same length as your strips, silicone, hot glue, 4 channel wiring.

They already had the DMX decoders and power supplies to run the LED strips so they did not have to buy those this time.

They found the spacing they wanted and framed everything up with 2x4s.






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4 responses to “Infinity Lights”

  1. Duane dodge says:

    great job!!!!!! This looks fantastic
    What types of led tape did you use and how is it all wired up ?

  2. Ryan says:

    That is awesome! Great idea!

  3. Brian says:

    This is an awesome concept! I may steal this idea :P

  4. Andrew Beauman says:

    You are smarter than me.

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