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Brian Elliott from Capital Christian Center in Lacey, Washington brings us this take on the woven Coroplast design.
Materials List:
1 ¼” PVC Pipe, cheapest, lightest weight available (they used 22 10’ sections)
8’ x 4’ 3mm white Coroplast (also called Corex, corrugated PVC) sheets, (For quantity figure area and divide by 32)
2 ½ fine thread black sheet rock screws (2 1 lb boxes)
Three cans flat black spray paint

To create this set, they cut the Coroplast into 4×1′ pieces, ensuring the flutes ran along the long edges. They cut the sheets to a 4′ length with a utility knife, then cute the 1′ strips with a jigsaw. They screwed PVC pipe vertically to their wall every 24″, with a screw ever 3′ or so. They painted the PVC pipe black.

Then they started their weave pattern at the bottom center and worked out in a stair-step pattern. They trimmed the sheets along the way to make sure the bow didn’t stick too far out.

Total cost (not including lights): $320






Arched Stained Glass Barn Wood Panels

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  1. Marc says:

    Looks Amazing… seems a bit less complex and faster than some of the other variations of the Weave pattern! I would love to see some close up details and some plans Please! Thanks so much !

    • Stephen Martin says:

      We are hoping to use this as the base background for easter this year. My only question is how are you attaching the coroplast to the pvc? Are you screwing it into the pvc pipes? If you could let me know that would be great! Keep up the good work!

  2. Sherry elliott says:

    I’d be happy to send not details. Would you provide your email address and I’ll send

  3. Sherry elliott says:

    Oops meant “out”

  4. Brad says:

    Is this still up in your church?
    I am from Washington state as well and would really like to check it out if possible.


  5. Love this look, Sherry. Could I get some close up details, too? My email is Thanks.

  6. Joey Hopper says:


    Would you mind emailing me the detailed drawings? Thanks!

  7. Brandon Baldwin says:

    Would love that email as well! Thanks-

  8. Lissette says:

    Hello, how are you?
    I would like to have more details as well. I love this design! Great job :)

    Thanks a lot.

  9. Jim says:

    This looks fantastic. Would you mind sending me a copy of the design as well? My email is

    thank you and many blessings.

  10. Sherry Elliott says:

    Hello all. For anyone who commented and sent me an email, if we did not get back to you can you let me know? We believe we connected with everyone so far who has emailed us but if we missed you let me know.

  11. Irene says:

    Great design. Thanks for sharing. Can you please send me the detailed plans and instructions?

  12. Justin says:

    I’d love the plans as well. Thanks.

  13. Brandon says:

    I also would love the instructions for this! –

  14. Kris Elkins says:

    Beautiful set. Would you be interested in sending me copies of your design plans?

  15. Kenny says:

    Please what kind of lightings did they use to light the coroplast from the front. Thanks.

  16. Wesley Knott says:

    Hi, Sherry! Again, beautiful design. Could you forward me the plans?

    Thanks in advance!

  17. Justin says:

    Would love a copy of the plans as well. Thanks!

  18. Josh says:

    Wow! Love this Sherry.
    Would you mind sending us your design plans as well?!

  19. Jorge says:

    Hi This is AMAZING! Can you send me the details???

  20. Kermit B says:


    May I please have the schematics for this. Absolutely incredible.

  21. Congratulations Cherry,
    I would love to see some close up details and some plans. You did an awesome job! God bless you, Thank a lot!

  22. Japheth Eromon says:

    Pls Sherry, can i get the details of this lovely design in my email.


  23. Kenn says:


    This is great! Can you send me the details?


  24. Steve says:

    Really like the look. Would you please forward details. Especially how you maintained the bow. Thanks in advance.

  25. Peter says:

    Hi could I get some closeups and details of the plan too. After looking at alot of the others on the site this seems like a challenge that my very amateur team can have a go at

  26. Santos Cabral says:

    Hi Sherry, would you mind sending me your plans as well! I love what you all did- beautiful design! This is my email . Thank you in advance blessings

  27. Divy says:

    Love the design. We have an awkward shaped backdrop to the altar and I believe this design will solve our design problem. Can you please send me the design plans as well? my email is

  28. Divy says:

    Love the design. It looks amazing? We have an awkward shaped backdrop to the altar and I believe this design will solve our design problem. Can you please send me the design plans as well? my email is

  29. Quincy says:

    This is awesome!! We are a new church and would like to design our stage. I had an idea in my head and then saw this. This is what I had in mind. Is there anyway you can reach out to me and share the details? Thank you.

  30. Amanda says:

    Hi Sherry,
    Love this design! Would you mind sending me the plans as well?
    My email is

  31. Tope says:

    Hi Sherry,
    I really love your design and i thank God for your church as well. I have no experience in stage design but I love good designs and I want to change my church’s altar outlook for the best. I really want to accomplish this before our Praise Concert in December. Is there a way you can direct me on how to make this same design happen in my church please? I surely need the steps, schematics and everything related to this design. My email is:

  32. Beverly Nahoopii says:

    Hi Sherry,
    Love the design too! Can you please send me details?

  33. Rachel says:

    Great job! Would you mind sending me the design plan for this design?? or

    Thank you! :)

  34. LaRonna says:

    Would love to have a copy of your plans. We think this design would work perfect on our stage. Thank You!

  35. Dylan Stephens says:

    At the risk of every church in America using this design, could you email me the details as well? :)

    Also, what lighting fixtures are you using if you don’t mind sharing?


    Dylan Stephens

  36. Chris Duvall says:

    I would love a copy of the details too please. I want to make sure I order the correct flute direction.

    Thanks so much!


  37. Jason Patzke says:

    Sherry, please send the details for this setup if you can. Need a new stage design for January 2016 and this looks amazing! Thanks! Jason

  38. dewi pusparini says:

    Dear Sherry,

    The design is really outstanding! Could you kindly send me instructions on how to build this great backdrop? Will really appreciate it… Thank you and God bless..


    • sherry says:

      feel free to look through the instructions provided on this site with the design. If you still find you are not understanding, you can email me directly and I will respond

  39. Al Williams says:

    Great design. I’ve been looking for about a year now and the center mount projector screen is installed and we’ve settled on this design. To go further we would appreciate some further details and photos if possible. Great design!! In the process of rebuilding our website and need to finish stage first. God bless and thank you.

  40. Louis Velazquez says:

    Can you please send me the details as well… Thank you in advance!!!

  41. Dave Stark says:

    Sherry, this is a very impressive weave design. I would like to see some close up photos as well as your design plans. Would you please send them to me when you have time? Thank you

  42. Dave Stark says:

    Hello again Sherry, in case my email didn’t show up it is Thanks

  43. sherry says:

    Thank you for all the interest with this stage design. It was one of our faves so far. I’m currently working on a new one and will submit soon. I contacted all of you who provided email addresses. If you did not hear back from me please provide your email address.
    Keep in mind many of you are asking for info that is already provided in the instructions on this site and through reading the comments. If you don’t find an answer to your question here, then feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to assist. Happy Decorating!

  44. Stephen Ulangca says:

    Hi Sherry, Great design. Would love some step by step and additional photos if you have time at Also, I’m interested in your new design as well. Blessings!

  45. Nate says:

    Sherry could you send the details my way??

    Thanks in advance!

  46. Stephen Martin says:

    We are hoping to use this as the base background for easter this year. My only question is how are you attaching the coroplast to the pvc? Are you screwing it into the pvc pipes? If you could let me know that would be great! Keep up the good work!

  47. Matt says:

    Please forward the details.


  48. Pete says:

    Hi please do forward the plans on how you did this to me too. Trying to see if I can do something like it in London, UK.

  49. Gabriel Nielsen says:

    Hey Sherry, really like this design you came up with.. I don’t know if you still look at this thread or not but if so, id also love to see the design plans if at all possible.. If so, my email is Thank you so much!

  50. Elvis Dumane says:

    Hi, This is lovely. please share the design plan my email is Thanks Elvis

  51. Keith Deal says:

    Hey Sherry this design is great can you please send me the plans please. We are about to do a stage change and would love to do this thank you.

  52. Alvin Thompson says:

    Hello this design is great can you please send me the plans or step by step instruction thank you.

  53. Jose Antonio says:

    increíble quisiera todos los detalles …iremos hacer esto en nuestra iglesia…Mi correo es se lo agradecería.

  54. Peter Saah says:

    I love the design, please send me detail also.

  55. Derrick says:

    Hello Sherry, thank you for sharing this beautiful design with us. its really outstanding. we would love to do something like this for Christmas. just wondering if you could please give us a detailed instruction on how to do this and also please what was the background made of before laying the coroplast?
    thank you

  56. Derrick says:

    Hello Sherry, this is Derrick. i wrote you the last time requesting help with this beautiful design but i forgot to send you my email:


  57. Paul Sims says:

    Hello, My name is Pastor Sims — I would love to have a copy of these plans for our church if possible

  58. gerzon says:

    Hi! great design ! I Would love a copy of the plans as well, please I try to build something for my church, Thanks my email is

  59. I would love more details in this design please!

  60. Paul Sims says:

    I love this look can you please send me the details as well.

  61. Luke says:

    Hey Sherry, I would also love the plans if you’ve still got them lying around. much appreciated my friend! Looks great!

  62. lulu says:

    Hi beautiful design. We are a church in South Africa. Would love to use stage design for youth conference. Is it possible to please email me design. fwchurch@body

  63. JAmes HArris says:

    Would love to see the details of the stage design!

  64. Nathan Rasbaugh says:

    Can you email me details at

    We’d love to build this stage design

  65. Sherry Elliott says:

    For those asking we just tucked the Coroplast strips in between the pvc pipes we had screwed into the backdrop pallet wall. Look back at the original post we submitted and we provided the measurements of how far to space the pvc pipes and what size to cut the Coroplast. The bow effect happens from tucking the ends in between the pvc pipes on both sides. You will want to measure your back wall to determine how many pvc pipes you will need and how many Coroplast sheets you’ll need

    We provided all pictures we had on original post. We used can lights to light front

  66. Kenny Layode says:

    Can you send me the details at

    We’d love to build this stage design in the church. Thanks

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