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Throwback: Into the Woods

Christopher Law from SpringHill Camps brings us this natury, rustic design for a women’s retreat hosted at their camps in Evart, Michigan.

To create this intimate feel they constructed 3-6’x10′ flats constructed from branches found around the site as the primary structure. Interwoven into this framework were about 12 IKEA decorative sticks which were white in color. These really pulled out color from the lighting instruments. The flats were hung with tie lines. The words were constructed from foam board and hung approximately 15″ in front of the flats. They were connected to the flats with the same sticks used in the flats. Lighting was provided by ETC Instruments and the controller was a Jands Vista i3.

Blocked and Shadowed Arrow Boxes

3 responses to “Throwback: Into the Woods”

  1. brant5 says:

    This is so awesome, I have been to spring hill camps for 6 years now :)

  2. jasonedits says:

    Go Coleslaw! Love it. Best Women's Retreat set ever.

  3. Great Job Chris! Looks great man.

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