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Aidan Ashby for the Jesus Army’s Sheffield Praise Day brings us this projection wall that looks like Space Invaders.

The theme for this event was “Crossing the Line”, so they incorporated a walkway that enabled people to go through a door in the middle of the wall, and down to the stage.

Panels for the video wall
– Material: correx (a Coroplast equivalent) – 8′x4′ (1200 x 2400mm) sheets cut down to 4 foot squares, 4mm thick, with a bevelled edge so the squares stand out.
– 2″x1″ (50 x 25mm) timber on vertical sides of each panel. Panels all held together by a metal hinge to join 4 of them together in each corner.
– Attached to the main top truss by velcro straps – 10m drops 50mm wide velcro. Loops on panels stuck to strap, and screw put through strap into the wood.

Lighting Fixtures
6x ADJ ViziBeam 5R
8x Martin Mac 101
6x Showtec ArcBar3
1x 8cell Molefay
2x 4-bar ACL
6x Showtec Sunstrips
2x Robe 148LT & 6-Bar Par for stage wash
4x StudioDuo LED600 & 6no. CYClite for audience wash

They used two Barco FLM-HD20 projectors at the back of the hall behind the congregation. These were full HD 20,000 lumens beasts, and made a big difference to the brightness and clarity of video on the wall. Supplied by XL video.

All the visuals were served by a computer running Resolume.








Box Pyramid Paneled Mushroom Cloud

2 responses to “Invader”

  1. Geoff McLarty says:

    Two words…. Beast Mode!

  2. raphy says:

    nice so good to see, great idea

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