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Heritage Creative from Heritage Church in Sterling Heights, MI brings us these huge letters on their stage.

From the team: For our “Daring Faith” series, we wanted to take the font on the marketing material and turn it into giant 3D letters for our stage. We took the exact font used for the series design and printed it out on our plotter (5 ft 6 in. high). We then cut each letter out and traced them onto 4X8 sheets of corrugated plastic (5MM/Natural/translucent). Each corrugated plastic letter was cut out using a utility knife and a straight edge. We then traced the corrugated letter onto a backing of scrap luwon or 1/2 foam (leftover scraps from previous sets). The quality of the back piece did not matter as it would not be seen. The backing was then also cut out. Then we cut many lengths of 16 inch by 8ft strips of corrugated to be used for the sides of each letter. Every cut was square (this made it quick and easy). We simply cut the sides to match the face piece. Where we had curves in letters such as “D”, we simply cut many 1 inch cuts 1/2 way thought the thickness of the corrugated, then snapped it so that it would bend around the face of the letter. Everything was taped together using packing tape. We took extra care to be sure to have the front face clean. The sides were taped behind the front face so that there was no open corrugated exposed. We also took care to be sure there were no gaps as light would escape if there were. Once the front face and sides were built, we added 16 foot LED strips with duck tape to the center part of the back of each letter. Each letter had its own LED tape and controller:

Note: The LED strips don’t work on DMX without these:

Our lighting genius’ had to do some re-wiring. Because each letter had its own LED strip and box, each letter can be a different color and can chase (See link below at 3:18). Finally we attached the backs (with the light strips) to the front and side faces using the packing tape and placed them on the stage on a small riser. The bold letters stand on their own however, “FAITH” was screwed into thin strips of wood that hand down from a wood frame we have on our stage against the curtains. Otherwise they would tip over. Finished it up with light bars along the risers under the letters.

Corrugated plastic: $12 per sheet
Tape: $25
LED strips: $15 each (a re-usable investment)
LED controller: $22 each (a re-usable investment)

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