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It’s Curtains for You!

Peter Lublink at

used a bit of creativity to turn an old platform into a modern stage. What did he do? Black paint. Peter used a curtain they already had, then painted it black. He hung the bad boy from an antenna truss. He then boxed in their screen and voila! An inexpensive, easy change.

Shadows and Boxes Ped Xing

3 responses to “It’s Curtains for You!”

  1. Amanda says:

    Sweet! Looks like your ready for crazy amounts of concerts and amazing shenanigans!

  2. Pete says:

    Is there a special fabric paint to do this?

  3. Peter says:

    There is fabric paint out there, but it's super expensive, we also thought about using dye, but couldn't pull it off either, in the end we used normal latex paint with a roller brush. It left the curtains being a bit stiffer than before, not for the price I was really pleased.

    As to the concert, we just had a huge one and you can see all the pics here:

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