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Jagged Christmas

Jeff Dietz from Grace Fellowship North in Katy, TX brings us these super rugged Christmas trees.

They wanted a rustic natural and wood look for Christmas this year rather than greenery. So they found some dead leafless trees and made some old fence picket Christmas trees to give them a forest look and at the same time crafty trees that would crest depth and contrast when grabbing the stage lighting.

They used old fence sections and broke the pockets into pieces. Then they took a nail gun and cut 2×4’s to the desired heights they wanted. In their case they made a 5′, 6′, 10′ and 12′ trees. They then made the shape of their trees starting with wider pieces at the bottom and spaced them out getting smaller at the top. They left about 2 1/2 inches between boards so they could come back and stick pieces of wood coming out at all angles. The desire here was to create all kinds of shadows and angles to grab the colored up or down lighting. Then they began at the bottom and worked their way up as you would shingling a roof – each piece overlapping the one above it. You want larger pieces at the bottom and skinnier and shorter pieces as you go up.

Their cost was about $3.00 in brad nails for their nail gun, time dumpster diving for fence sections, and sweat in building. They finished it off by putting a large eye bolt in the top of the 2x4s and using black Parachord to suspend them from rafters in the ceiling.





Hard Hex Stagger Wall

3 responses to “Jagged Christmas”

  1. Debbie Jenkins says:

    Jeff is my son in law and time and again he amazes us. When their new campus was started, they met in an elementary school. For over two years each and every Sunday morning and evening, Jeff and his crew would meet to set up the sanctuary in a school gym. Jeff hand made each and every piece that made the sanctuary special. Kneeling rails, alters, back drops for worship…what ever was there he made. After each Sunday morning, the special group of men and boys would then pack it all up to be kept until the next service. The pieces he made had to be portable and beautiful, lasting for over the two years they waited for a bigger, more permanent home.
    Jeff shows his love for Jesus in their church by using what ever comes his way. He is an amazing young man that gives his all so that every person that comes to worship feels the presence of Jesus. My wish is that everyone could have a person as special as Jeff in their lives. We love him so very much!

    • Lynette Hoyt says:


      I agree with you about Jeff’s special nature, and he’s special to me, too. My son in law is Kyle, Jeff’s long ago mentee, and I think Jeff’s helped make such a difference in Kyle’s life. I think the two of them are like two very special peas in a hard working pod :-))) They’re good for each other, and work well together! Each of them has a very special wife too; who would argue that they’re just as outstanding in character? Jeff’s stage statement this season is effective, and beautiful in a very special way. I hope I get to meet you some day!

  2. Mandy says:

    Love this!

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