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Jesus As a…

Jason Caldwell from Peninsula Bible Fellowship in Bremerton, WA brings us these portraits of Jesus.

They were doing a series called “Snapshots of Jesus”. It painted the different roles of Jesus. Instead of getting actually portraits they used some wood, Photoshop, a copier, and some glue.

Each picture was 4′ x 7′. We used images that captured different time periods and styles. Using Photoshop and a process of breaking the pictures into different blocks, they printed them out in color using 11′ x 17” paper. Each paper had edges to be trimmed. They glued the images to OSB (Oriented Strand Board) using 3M super 77 – a spray adhesive.

The OSB was strengthened with 2×2’s on the back, around the perimeter. Then they trimmed the edges and framed it with a rough cedar trim they got from Home Depot.

Each frame and picture ran about $50. They made 8 images and highlighted each week’s portrait by placing it above the stage.

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  1. Greig Hess says:

    Very cool idea and series! Check out blockposters.com for a fast and easy way to do the same multiple page printing idea without the photoshop editing! It’s awesome for other applications too.

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