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Jesus in the News

Drew Hoopingarner and his team from Southport Presbyterian Church bring us this unique stage design for a sermon series about how to live in the shadow of Jesus amid the darkness of the world.

This design consisted of 2 large newspaper walls framed in with a black border. The walls were 15’x15 ½’ . The team started collecting newspaper from their congregation weeks in advance. As the newspaper came, in they separated the black and white pages from the color pages. This set consisted of 15’-2×4’s, Coroplast, and foam.

They took Coroplast that they had used on an earlier set, and repurposed it to save money. They bought 3 jugs of Elmer’s glue and rolled it on the 4×8 sheets of Coroplast. The newspapers were stuck on the Coroplast to look like a random collage. Once the sheet was covered, they went back over it with a paintbrush and glue to smooth down all the edges. They left some of the newspaper hanging off the edges so when they assembled all the sheets together they could cover the seams between sheets of Coroplast.

Next, they built the frames that the Coroplast would be fastened to. They bought 16’- 2×4’s and cut them down to fit their space. They built the frame, and filled in with 2×4’s in the middle giving each sheet of Coroplast two vertical boards to fasten to.

The sheets of Coroplast were stapled to the 2×4’s from top to bottom to cover the entire frame. Extra pieces of newspaper were used to cover any seams.

½’’ pint insulation foam was painted black and cut into 8’’ strips to act as the border around the whole frame to give it a finished look. They attached the foam with a hot glue gun.

Two gobos were ordered and installed in order to project the word Jesus on each newspaper wall.

For lighting, they used 60w floodlights to give it an old newsprint shop look with the warm lighting and lots of shadows.

This set cost took about 12 hours of work.

New Stand 2

New Stand 3

News Stand 1

Hazy Texture Walls Barned

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  1. Will says:

    I really like this one

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