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Jesus String

Jessica Perez from Crossroads Church in Loveland, CO brings us this great use of string and Jesus’ name.

They took a 6’x10′ piece of plywood and covered it with canvas drop cloth. Then they took a script font, put it in Adobe Illustrator and added dots for where the nails go. They projected the image with an overhead projector and added dots with a Sharpie.

After that, they laid the piece down and hammered in all the nails. Once the nails were in, they strung the yarn around them. There was no formal, predetermined method to stringing the yarn, but they did end up settling into a pattern. (The thicker the yarn, the better.)

To make the piece larger for the stage they added mattes and a frame. They got the mattes cut at Hobby Lobby, and the frame was made from foam board they had sitting backstage.

The whole project cost $75.

The original concept came from Pinterest.

Check out more details on Jessica’s blog.

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5 responses to “Jesus String”

  1. Lucas says:

    Love this idea, hoping to add soemthing similar to our youth room. Any idea what font they used?

    • Jessica says:

      Lucas, the “esus” font is Olicana – smooth & we’re still looking for “J.” Also our graphic artist extended the character widths in Illustrator.

  2. Jessica says:

    Hey Lucas, I’m tracking the font down & will get back to you! The “J” is a different font than the “esus” .. :) This would be great in a youth room & the students would have a blast making it!

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