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Jumbled Names

Deb Carr from Five Oaks Church in Woodbury, MN brings us these many names of God on boards.

They had a pallet wall already up from previous sets. They added pieces of donated cabinet wood and used fluorescent paint to add the names of God. They chose some common names for God, but also names that don’t readily come to mind. Deb wanted people to think about what they mean and how they are impacted by that particular name. The LED lights worked fantastic with the fluorescent paint. Each color of light would highlight a different name.

Deb also set up a response station where people could write their favorite name for God on a piece of pallet wood using fluorescent markers. They nailed these pallet signs to a cross they had used in years past for Good Friday, and they nailed the leftovers into a sign post which they put in their commons area. The cross was set up on Easter and they had many people come over to take a photo of it.












Mixed Media Screens Chalked

2 responses to “Jumbled Names”

  1. Ryland says:

    Awesome idea to bring personal to one who God is. Many know the God of the Bible, but do we know Him intimately ourselves.

  2. Rubén Uc says:

    I love it the cross! Where can I buy one for my church?

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