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Lanterns and Pipe

Cody Sifford and Tyler Hughes from Pawleys Island Community Church in Pawleys Island, SC bring us this cool use of paper lanterns and PVC pipe.

From Cody and Tyler: This is a fairly simple and inexpensive design.

The materials used were PVC pipe, white paint, paper lanterns with lamp cords, zip ties, and tie line.

We were going for a cleaner and more modern look with this set.

Basically, we built a rope ladder using 3 ft PVC pipes and tie line. We drilled through each end of the pipe and put zip ties underneath the pipe on the tie line, to hold it in place. You’ll need to tighten the zip ties as tight as possible to keep from sliding down the rope. We hung each “ladder” from our back curtain pipe. We also hung 2 shorter “ladders” over the band to create some dimension.

note: PVC grabs lights much better if painted flat white as it is originally fairly shiny.
We put 2 zip ties under each bar for good measure.

We then hung the paper lanterns on one tie line, spaced evenly apart, and dropped a lamp cord and bulb into each one, and tied into a dimmer.

A note of caution, since each bulb hangs against the tie line and other cords, we wrapped those on the inside of the lantern with metal heat reflective tape.

The “ladders” are lit with Xstatic Dazzler LED bars. They throw a great wash, especially from the floor.

Prepare for sore hands :) about 350 zip ties :)

Very simple yet effective design. Probably no more than $300 in all.

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