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Nathan Whalen and Ethan Hardwick from Brookville Road Community Church in New Palestine brings us this awesome laser cross they revealed during their service.

From Nathan: This was a design we made for our Easter service. The series was called shattering doubts. We had three different aspects to this design. “Shattered” triangles with projection, triple wide screen on stage, and a laser cross.

For the triangles we cut 1/2″ foam into different size triangles, painted them white, and screwed them into a PVC frame (painted black.) We then hung the frame from aircraft cable that is secured along the top of our stage wall. We mounted two projectors above the light bar to the I-beam using uni-strut and beam clamps. We sent signal to it over cat 5 with a cat 5 to HDMI extender.

For the triple wide screen we stretched a fabric called trapeze across our stage opening and rear projected using 3 Optoma ultra short throw projectors. We used the ProPresenter edge blending module and a triple head to go to achieve this.

For the laser cross we found 100mw red lasers on Amazon that came with a power supply. We secured them to a piece of aluminum using hardware. We then attached power strips to them and ran all of the cables inside the aluminum. We suspended the finished laser fixture with aircraft cable and beam clamps. We also hung a black foam board to stop the horizontal beams where we wanted them. The laser was controlled via a DMX relay. (Chauvet dmx 4) to limit the amount of swaying in the laser fixtures, we used fishing line to support them.

We had 4 of the 5 projectors used and some of the other material. The end cost of this design for us was around $3500-$4000.

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5 responses to “Laser Cross”

  1. That’s just way too awesome!!!

  2. Brent Whalen says:

    This was an incredible visual and provided an instant impact on all in attendance. Fantastic job by the Brookville Road Tech Team to pull this off. Can’t wait to see how you top this one! Impressive feat and job well done!

  3. Bill Pendleton says:

    Can I get more details on the laser cross?

  4. Ben Pierce says:

    I also want more info on the lasers used. What milliwatt are they? Did you use beam expanders? How many did you use?

    • Nathan Whalen says:

      Here is the amazon link to the lasers we used for this design. We used 24 lasers (12 on each side.) These particular lasers had a 10 min duty cycle. They also cannot not be clearly seen without haze.

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