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Throwback: Leaning Panels + Tubes

Joel Caron from Fielder Church in Arlington, TX brings us this cool stage design with LED tubes and leaning panels. (Originally posted December 2014)

The frames were assembled using 2x4s on a 12 degree miter cuts. The crossbars were fastened using a framing nailer which made the process much faster. The Coroplast panels were stapled to the Upstage/rear side of the panels which gave it a little dimension. Panel heights were about 18’, 22’, and 8’. The bases were drilled into the floor and the taller frames are held up by the overhead structure using aircraft cable. The excess Coroplast was trimmed using a Utility knife.

LED Tubes

The LED tubes were L-Tech LT-8016, which are now discontinued. Each L-Tech tube has 16 Pixels and there are 2,880 channels in use in the pixel-mapped grid. The tubes were suspended and attached to uni-strut. The tubes were driven by a Catalyst Media Server, Enttec DMX Nodes, and a GrandMA.

Video Sample:

Aluminum Mesh

Nothing new here! Three 72” x 100’ rolls purchased online at Home Depot for just under $600.










Strings and Lines Projected Dots

One response to “Throwback: Leaning Panels + Tubes”

  1. Brock Rexius says:

    Did you use Brite Aluminum or Charcoal on your mesh?



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