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Leaning Towers of Light

Seth Stefanovicz from Faith Tabernacle in Manchester, CT brings us this very inexpensive kids stage set.

They used the Examples in Foam post as a guide to create the letters. For the “Kids Rock” wording, each letter was cut out of a 8’x 4’ insulation foam purchased from their local home improvement store.

The word “Freedom” was all cut out of a single sheet. To cut the letters, they used a projector to display the letters and traced them onto the foam board. Then they cut the letters using a jig saw and a router.

Then they laid out the letters and painted them. It took two coats to get an even color.

To mount the large letters, they built a frame using metal framing studs (from Lowes). To attach the letters, they glued 4”x 6” plywood squares to the top and bottom of the letters and then screwed them to the metal frame.

The smaller word (“Freedom”) was sitting on the light box using self made wood brackets.

The light towers were recycled from a previous project and were just wood frames wrapped in a white stretch fabric.

Photo Apr 21, 9 36 10 AM

Photo Apr 21, 9 42 47 AM

Photo Apr 21, 9 42 56 AM

Photo Apr 21, 9 43 12 AM

Photo Apr 21, 9 44 28 AM

Photo Apr 21, 9 44 48 AM

Photo Apr 21, 9 45 18 AM

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2 responses to “Leaning Towers of Light”

  1. Tami says:

    I am wondering how you created and cut out the letters. It looks awesome! Thanks!!!

  2. Gary Smith says:

    Looks great and I love the way you came up with to secure the big letters. Great job! One question, what font did you use to make the big letters?

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