Stage Designs

LED Banner Panels

Daniel Young from Saint John First Wesleyan Church in Saint John brings us this LED stage design.

From Daniel: This is my “Mountains” stage design.

It’s accomplished using a combination of LED strips (with ribbon as diffusers) and LED pars bouncing off of Masonite panels.

I recycled some old masonite and lumber which made it pretty cheap for us… and we already had the pars… but I think the overall budget was in around $200-$300.

If you were buying everything from scratch you could probably still do this for around $500.

Some specifics:

LED Bars:

I attached my LED strips to lengths of 2×2. The “built-in” adhesive is basically useless on wood, but it held the LED strips in place while I carefully hammered some staples in. Excess LED strip was turned around, upside down and stapled down out of the way.

I finished up the end of the LED bars with a wooden “spacer” (see diagram) that basically functions as a mount for (1) the front-facing white ribbon (for diffusing the LEDS) and (2) the wrap-around black duct tape for the sides (prevents seeing the “raw” LEDS when viewing from an angle)


The panels are made of Masonite sheets (super cheap at home depot….. get the stuff that’s already painted white… it’s worth a couple extra bucks)

I used a straight edge to score where I wanted cut and bent to snap (score on both sides of the sheet, or your edges will be messy.

I created some narrow “x”s using lengths of 1×2 and stapled the masonite onto those (for sturdiness, but also allowing them to be mounted to my framing from the back wall)

It’s good to have an extra hand or two… or at LEAST a good stack of chairs to help get angles right before screwing stuff to the back wall.











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