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LED Lanterns

Ryan Garey from NorthGate Christian Community in Buffalo, New York brings us these individually controlled LED paper lanterns.

From Ryan: For this design I used paper lanterns we got from amazon and used led tape wrapped around 1″ PVC pipes to light them from the inside. The led tape runs to dmx decoders and power supplies I mounted to the ceiling pipe that we already had as part of our lighting system. I zip tied the PVC pipes onto tie line and tied them up to our ceiling pipe. With this design each line can be individually controlled via two 12 ch dmx decoders which allows us do chases or other lighting effects. We used 16″ lanterns and offset them to make a cool wave design. We wrapped 1/2 of a 5 meter Supernight LED tape from Amazon around a 1″ PVC pipe about 15″ long. After we hung the PVC pipes we assembled the lanterns and slid them over top. We spent total on the lanterns, led tape, power supplies, dmx decoders, and PVC pipe, extra wire, about $450 for the 12 lanterns. This design could be easily modified with larger lanterns or more channels of control for more effects. On the bottom we just just used Nomad room dividers from in a random pattern.

Throwback: Wood Blocks Back Throwback: Arrowed

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