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LED Logo Lines

Jake Massey from Dunn’s Creek in San Mateo, Florida brings us this cool LED tape logo for their stage.

The center piece of the design was the logo for the year’s vision: Amplify. They were inspired by another design, Diamonds and Arrows, and included arrows moving outward from the logo.

For the design, they built the frames from 2x2s and then attached the LED tape with clips. Ribbon wire was soldered to the LED tape then connected to the decoders with the included connectors. Using the DMX decoders, they chained them together and tied into their DMX chain.

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4 responses to “LED Logo Lines”

  1. Josh says:

    What brand of LED tape did you use? I cant find anything remotely bright enough, and I would like RGB capability

  2. Vin Rouge says:

    How do you manage the LED colours and programs?

    This is beautiful!

  3. Cody says:

    Hi, I hope you see this soon. We are basically replicating this setup and I am wondering how many sets of LED tape you use. I don’t have the measurements as of our guys is building it for us. But I’m trying to get an estimate for cost purposes.

    Thank you

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