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Legends of the Rainforest

Ken Neff from Christ Central (Kidz Studios) in Lake City, FL brings us this rainforest/jungle themed kids environment.

They purchased very little for this set. They used materials that were either collected for free, repurposed, or borrowed for the month.

The grass was indoor/outdoor carpet used for other projects and most of the greenery was from their church’s wedding department.

The animals were purchased by the children’s dept. years ago and had been used for years in the preschool area. So they were free except for the cost of feeding them.

The waterfall was by far the biggest project on the set. It was a real working waterfall, 9 ft tall into an inflatable kiddy pool. It had two fountain pumps and real fish calling it home. The water cascaded off a piece of pexi-glass secured to the top of the rock.

The rock was made of 2×6 and 2×4 framing covered in chicken wire and then covered in white butcher paper spray painted in various colors. They finished it off with a clear gloss to give the appearance of wet rocks. Behind the frame was an 8ft ladder so their lead guitar player could climb and play from the top of the waterfall.

A wooden frame was also built around the kiddy pool with another thick plastic liner inside to assure no leaks onto the floor.

Paper frogs were purchased at a party store to finish of the project.

Total Cost $18.00

Est. Time 19 hrs.







Light Towers Plus War Zone

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