Special Event Design

Les Mis Barricade

David Woll from Church on the Ridge in Snoqualmie, WA brings us this stage design inspired by the barricade from the last Les Miserables movie.

They built up the mound with chairs, pallets, and covered that up with drop cloth. Then they strategically piled on a bunch of stuff from construction salvage stores, antique farming implements from an actual farm, weathered yard tools, and other random wood scrap. The red and white flags were the final touch. They made sure they were tattered and dirty.

They secured the barricade to the rafters above via fishing line and zip ties.

They also paired the design with a revolutionary type graphic printed on canvas, mounted to a wood frame and hanging behind to the right (stage L).

They relied on free and borrowed stuff as much as they could, but did buy some burlap sacks, paint, and a couple of mottled-breakup gobos. Overall, it took about 38 man hours and $330 to complete the design.




Glowing Ropes Shaped Up

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