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Lesson Plan

Eric Crews from Courthouse Road Church in North Chesterfield, Virginia brings us this classroom stage design.

From Eric: Our pastor was going to do a series on the parables from Luke titled “Lessons from Luke”. So we wanted to make the stage feel like a class room.

First thing we did was purchase a 16 foot x 6inch x 6inch beam from Lowes so we could hang a black back drop and elements for this stage design and future designs. The black curtain is just black out door material we got off Amazon for about 25$ a bolt and we used 2 and half bolts. Then we took a 4×8 sheet of Coroplast we got at Home Depot and decorated it to look like a classroom bulletin board with the series title on it. We hung this bulletin board from the same beam the curtain is on. We borrowed a couple of desk from our church school, Richmond Academy ( and placed them on the stage. We picked up class room decorations from the dollar store and put them all over the walls. Some of our youth create art that we also added to the walls.

Word Pallet Strung and Stacked

One response to “Lesson Plan”

  1. David says:

    Very creative! Brings focus and contemporary setting for application.

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