Stage Designs

Letters and Lights

Jeremy Ginn from Alto Frio Church Camp & Conference Center in Leakey, Texas brings us this mixture of Edison bulbs and foam letters.

High density foam letters were ordered from an online letter maker. They were attached to the wall using command strips. Lights used across the top of the wall were Elation Alkalite Octopod 80s. Six Octopod systems of up to eight light heads each were used to create the look. Chandelier was made using eight linear T40 incandescent bulbs and wires up to occupy 2 DMX channels. The fixtures on the sides of the letters were wired to dimmer packs and use vintage style incandescent bulbs for a warm glow. Simple set but effective. The Octopod systems are Pixel capable. Lightkey was used to control everything through a DMXKing 2 universe USB/Ethernet module and a touch screen interface.

Total cost: $600

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