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Rob Merow from Calvary Fellowship in Downingtown, PA brings us this denim stage design made from jeans.

This series was a play off o Levi and Leviticus—a massively corny pun. They had their congregation donate old jeans. They received over 300 pairs, and made a wall of strips (safety-pinning them together) and uplit them with CB12s. They also made a center projection screen out of 4×8 sheets of rigid insulation, and covered it in various colors of denim squares that they purchased in bulk on Etsy. This gave them a unique surface to project lyrics on instead of the same old screens. All in all it cost about $250 and they were able to donate all of the jeans to the community clothing drive once the series came to a close.

Calvary 10-20-13-0080-74

Calvary 10-20-13-0149-143

Lev_screen logo

leviticus 27x41b






Safety Concerns in Stage Design New Resource: The Worship Media Handbook

2 responses to “Leviticus”

  1. It may be corny, but no doubt that it will leave a lasting impression!

  2. Brandon Cook says:

    That’s Jean-ius! (Sorry, couldn’t resist). Great work, looks cool and you allowed the entire congregation to participate. Love it!

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