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Light Cross

Jeremy Horning from Destination Church in Colonial Heights, Virginia brings us this Easter piece, inspired by Easter Windows 98.

The three crosses were made from simple 2″×4″′s with translucent fabric stapled on the backs. (Cross dimensions were 3′x6′ (x2) and 3′x7′.)

They used a stage LED light bar on the ground behind each frame to provide back lighting. During the service, they changed the light color of the crosses to match the ProPresenter backgrounds on the screen.

Being in a theater, Jeremy had to modify the crosses a bit. They needed them to be portable and to tilt back about six to eight inches, facing the crowd, instead of just the front row. So Jeremy created a separate back piece with two J hooks at the top. These hooks latched into holes at the top back edge of the crosses.

The back pieces were sheets of plywood painted black and were the same size as the corresponding cross. These pieces has a 2″x4″ attached in the center to keep them straight. Basically, they stood like an A frame when looking at them from the side.

Great job making this portable, guys!

Lights and Flowers Circling the Slots

2 responses to “Light Cross”

  1. Travis says:

    where did you get your fabric?

  2. Anish Hermon says:

    Can you show or describe in more detail the side and back.

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