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Light Towers Plus Lights

Chad Woehnker from Harvest Chapel Christian Fellowship in Bradenton, Florida brings us this repurposing of their Light Towers Plus design.

They had a tiny budget to make this happen.

They took two 4×8 white Coroplast sheets (leftover from tower construction) and traced “Peace on earth” and “Joy to the world” using an old overhead style projector. Then they cut out the letters and stapled them to some scrap 2×6’s. They painted them black to match the wall. (paint was also leftover)

Then they went to Walmart and bought 25 boxes of white and clear Christmas lights and a bunch of Christmas extension cords.
They measured 12″ between each strand of lights and put a drywall screw at the top and then the bottom. They strung up the lights, adjusted their floor LED cans, and boom it was Christmas!







Abraham's Tent Objets d'Noël

3 responses to “Light Towers Plus Lights”

  1. Clark & Susan says:

    Chad you did a great job on the alter. Merry Christmas

  2. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    Hey guys! Awesome job on the set! Can you guys let me know how the columns were made?

    • Chad W says:
      thats the link to our first change to the platform. We used 4×8 coroplast sheets. used a corocutter, spliced the sheets on one side at 12in-24in-36in, the rolled it into a box shape. Then I took regular with black gorilla duct tape and sealed the open edge, and continued the same on all 4 corners. Then measured 12in square boxes and used 1in black gorilla tape to make the horizontal lines. Placed an led par can on the ground, slipped the tube over the top, done! I did cap the boxes with a 12×12 scrap on coroplast covered in tin foil to keep the light inside. but you dont have to, it looks great both ways.
      Coroplast can be purchased for about $12-20 a sheet at your local sign store. I used the basic white, basic thickness. Ask them for a coro-cutter. They run about $25 and are well worth it.

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