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Throwback: Lighthouses

Greg Muncy at Cornerstone Fellowship in California brings us these lighthouse towers.

For their 2011 Easter set, they used box trusses with white wraps and Global Truss warmers. Then they screwed together 12″ styrofoam pieces to make L shaped solid towers.

They lit the set with five 575 watt Spot Robe’s, six 575 watt Wash Robe’s, and 8-MAC101’s.

They used 8 projectors, 4 Mac computers with ProPresenter 4, and two computers with 3Screen and 2Screen modules. Check out the sweet architectural projection they used too!

Arrow Boxes String Arrangement

3 responses to “Throwback: Lighthouses”

  1. Bill Reeves says:

    Very nicely done. The stage design could have been too busy or too distracting, but from the pictures it looks like that didn't happen.

  2. admin says:

    That is so cool how they have the architectural projection done on the sides like that! This site gives me so many ideas for my church!

  3. Doug Walker says:

    From the perspective of the congregation it wasn’t too busy. As the pastor went through his message I believe I recall that there were some subtle color changes in the light towers to coincide with the drama of the Easter message.

    It’s a joy to attend here @ Cornerstone as the attention to detail in all things from stage design to music to teaching the word all get proper weight.

    Great job Greg. Thanks to your team who work behind the scene to make attending CSF a blessing.

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