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Linear Diamond

Tyler Herron from Garrett Memorial Baptist Church in Hope, Arkansas brings us this linear diamond.

They bought two 4’x8′ sheets of 1/2 inch blue foam. They ripped them down to 2″ strips and cut those down further to various lengths. The main lengths were 2 feet. They also took a 1″x8″x8′ board and ripped it down into strips that were a 1/4″x20.5″. That is what the pile of black strips were. These were used to connect the strips of foam together. They used about 120 black strips. There were a total of 160 foam strips.

Then they laid out the design on stage. The spacing between each of the strips was 2 inches, and then each strip was 4 inches above the previous to get the angle.

They started off by gluing the black strips to the back of the foam strips they had on the ground. They also taped them just to be sure they were secure.

They built it in 6 sections. 2 large, 2 medium, and 2 small.

Once they had everything glued together horizontally, they put three sections (1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small) together on the floor. There was a 1 foot gap vertically between the sections.

After that they glued some vertical strips to hold it all together vertically and they let it sit for awhile to dry.

Once everything was fairly dry they attached 2 lines of fishing line to the top of a section, ran it over their pipes at the back and then raised it up.

It took 3 people 15 hours to complete.

Fenced In Alien Green

2 responses to “Linear Diamond”

  1. cdenning says:

    Wow, great idea and excellent execution! Looks so crisp and clean, great use of space too. Well done!

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