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Lit Up Grid

Norm Allport and Ryan Delblanc from Peoples Full Gospel Church in Surrey, BC bring us this simple, inexpensive grid design.

They started to look for a way to change their last stage design (paper and wooden triangles) and keep it as budget-conscious as possible. They set about pouring over ideas and proposals for materials, originally opting for a Coroplast design that they could shoot vertical light from below. During this time they had a Christmas service in which setting up for the children’s program they discovered the elmers foam sheets. These sheets were 20″x30″ and cost around $1.25 (Canadian) each from the local dollar store. They bought close to 40 of them to fit their stage space and then proceeded to create hangers separated by 2″ adding 2″ increments each panel. They attached them to 8lb test fishing line using gaff tape. They used a mixture of hangers from the ceiling and stapled the fishing line directly to the wall. They lit them using no name LED par cans from below. Their total cost was under $60 including the fishing line and gaff tape.












Windowed Half Pipes

One response to “Lit Up Grid”

  1. Jeremy says:

    That is so cool! Very inexpensive yet sophisticated design! I love it!

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