Special Event Design

Lite Brite

Christopher Law from SpringHill Camps brings us this design that snaps me back to dark nights in my childhood.

This design consisted of approximately 100 fluorescent lighting fixtures purchases on Craigslist for $100 from a factory transitioning to more efficient fixtures. They used it to emulate LED tubes.

Each fixture had two 110w 8′ bulbs. They experimented with painting and gelling techniques, but ended up carefully spray painting each tube. Then they hung the fixtures from their lighting grid in single units as well as in side groups, ladder style, using aircraft cable and the appropriate fittings.

They powered each unit by modifying each unit to have a pass-through power connected. They put 3-4 fixtures on a circuit allowing for different chase effects.

The 12-foot wide “Lite Brite” in the center of the stage was constructed from OSC with 8 of the above mentioned fluorescent fixtures inside. The color pegs were made by PVC gluing two translucent party cups opening to opening. These were then friction fit into the OSB face.

Check out a highlight of the set here: (5:30 for a quick shot of the set in action)

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