Stage Designs

Throwback: Little Lights

Cameron Robbins from Victory Worship Center in Tucson, Arizona brings us this exciting stage design. (Originally posted May 2011)

To create this beauty, he used loads of rental equipment along with 50 incandescent light bulbs. He used a mixture of 25w, 40w, and 60 watt bulbs to add some variety and scattered them around the stage. The rest of the gear he used to create the magic was:

  • 21 VL1000’s
  • 32 Colorkinetics Colorblast
  • 4 VL 3000 spots
  • 6 Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300’s
  • 40 Mega-Light Bright strips
  • 16 Par 64 ACL
  • 35 Elation EVLED 1024

His favorite part of the whole design was the light bulbs…an element any church can use.

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