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Living Room

Check out what this church of around 50 people did for their stage this Christmas. Stevan Sheets from Shippensburg First Wesleyan in Shippensburg, PA and his group turned a few sketches into a great Christmas set.

They used borrowed furniture, a custom-built fireplace ($15 in materials), and wrapped gifts under the tree to transport the congregation into a Christmassy living room scene.

Blue (Da Ba Dee) From Rags to Stages

3 responses to “Living Room”

  1. Bill Nevens says:

    If you put the outdoor scene into a window frame (frame as part of the projected image). Looks like home. (OK, my home's a mess).

  2. tylerrippel says:

    Love that you featured a small church like this. Good work on the shout out and the church's stage work.

  3. martycauley says:

    I just wanted to commend you for taking the leap. It is good to see a church without an unlimited tech budget showing us how we can design environments too! There are far more small churches than huge ones!

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