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Rebeca Aroche from Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal M.I. De Bowling Green in Bowling Green, FL brings us this design of their logo.

From Rebeca: The stage I had to design for was for Iglesia De Dios Pentecostal M.I. in Tampa Florida, I put their website page in church website. I was given a budget of $150.00 but spent less! I did have the tools in hand already so must of it was for material! The design itself is 12’x8′ and I left 2′ of space from ground. For the stand I used 1″x3″x8′ wood to hold everything together and to hold must of the letters as to give it a floating effect I used 1″x2″x8′. I bought tempered hardboard panels off Home Depot for about $7 and some change a piece. Only used two for all the words and circle logo. I used a projector to trace what I had designed in my computer. Then cut them out with a jigsaw and then lightly sanded the rough edges. I used white primer +paint cans to paint all the material! And on the circle logo I used acrylic paint! For the words I used 1″x3″x8′ wood, but the size for those were 21″ wide and 66″ tall! The clear material in which the letters are in is clear plastic vinyl that is used to cover tables and I got those in Walmart for $2.97 a yard and I bought two yards and was able to make two of those by folding them in half! And for the letters I used Avery shipping labels to print out the words and then cut them by scissors! I had to make everything at home and I used 1″x3″x8’screws to put everything together so I can easily transport it to the church. But the words and logo I had to use wood glue to glue them to the wood but not completely! It was like a puzzle only some parts were glued, and I had to use discretion for that as to make it easy to pull apart and put together at my location. For the check marks I used 1×2′ and cut out the check marks out of the extra pieces of tempered hardwood I had left.

Lined Lighting On the Cross

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