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Logos and Boxes

Matt Mitchell from Boiling Springs First Baptist Church in Boiling Springs, SC brings us this stack of boxes and logos.


  • Forty 2-foot boxes. ~$200
  • Two 4×8 sheets of 3/4 plywood. ~$50
  • One large can of dark cherry stain. $7
  • Six yards of muslin cloth. $24
  • Staples from staple gun. $2
  • One roll of packing tape. $3
  • Four 2x4s. $6


  • Eight Par 64’s – red gels
  • Eight Par 56’s – blue gels
  • Four Par 56’s – white, for behind the light boxes
  • Two Par 56’s – white to shoot over the boxes and act as mini blinders
  • Ellipsoidals, some LED RGB Par 56’s, and two small elation movers.

Process for the light boxes:

  1. Project the image on plywood and trace it.
  2. Use a jigsaw and saw out image.
  3. Stain and set overnight
  4. Staple muslin (white with hunt of tan) cloth to back
  5. Build small triangle braces
  6. Setup and shoot some light on them







Toxic Interlocking Lines

7 responses to “Logos and Boxes”

  1. J Raible says:

    where did you buy the 2×2 white boxes from?

  2. Matt Mitchell says:

    I acutally got really lucky on this… A man at my church is the manager of a box factory. He donated them to me and I now owe him a favor or two. :) But if youre not as lucky, this is where I was going to order them from…. To get 40 it would be around $165-170. Not sure on shipping. Hopefully less than $200 total for you.

    Make sure you dont use a lot of tape when building them, If you plan on reusing them. I only used one strip on each side. That way they dont tear the box up when I break them down.


  3. iamadinkra says:

    hi guys. this is awesome. i was introduced to this site by a friend who attended an event i curated. I worked with a marvelously similar concept on the boxes stacked. I was so amazed to find out that somewhere else on the globe, someone had done a similar thing. Yours looks fabulous. Good job. will post photos of mine soon. cheers, Mike.

  4. Matt Mitchell says:

    Ill have to measure while im up there this weekend. Would you like the full dimensions of the stage or just from screen to screen?

  5. Philip says:

    Please how do I get some I these boxes. In fact I really need them. Help me pls

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