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Love Music

Ken Neff from Christ Central (Kidz Studios) in Lake City, FL brings us this design for a kids series called “The Love of Music”.

“The Love of Music” was a worship series to teach and inspire others to love an amazing God. So of course you have to design your stage around love, music, and giant instruments.

Recycled styrofoam sheets, pressboard, and 2×4’s were the foundation of this design. There was an existing step from their stage, so they extended it out another 3ft and 25ft across. They covered it with 5/8 OSB and covered it in 4×8 sheets of pressboard. They painted it white and marked off each key on a 1ft center with a 1inch wide black mega marker. The black keys were 30 long and 8 inches wide, outlined in marker and painted black.

They used two sheets of foam to project and draw out the guitar which measured nearly 12ft long. It was supported with a 2×4 down the center and secured to 2×4 legs painted black to blend in with the walls.

The sax was draw on pressboard, cut out with a jig-saw, and secured to a 2×4 frame and 50lb test fishing line including the music notes and hearts coming from it.

The drum was an old photo booth sign given to their ministry in a pharmacy remodel that has been used numerous times for different props. Short 2×4’s were secured to the top side to make a lip for the styrofoam sheet to fit inside. The drum sticks were 1/2 PVC pipes covered in pool noodles, carved out at the end and painted to make it look like wood. The sheet music was pressboard, painted white and lines drawn with the mega marker again.

The music notes and hearts were individually cut out of recycled pressboard, and the red carpet were two 6x20ft rugs that were donated to the children’s ministry. All the paint was used from donations by church members.

Total Hours: 22. Total Cost: $35.







Rays Up, Rays Down Subtly Lit

4 responses to “Love Music”

  1. MJ says:

    Great Job !!!!!

  2. Carlos says:

    I like it ,,,, very goo job

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