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Alan Huerta from West McKinley Church in Fresno, CA brings us this “made” stage design.

They went to Catalyst Conference about 6 months ago and saw a similar design with 3 dimensional wood structures and wanted to re-create it. So they bought eight 4×8 pieces of plywood from Home Depot (the cheap ones with the grid lines on them already). They made 4-foot letters spelling make and used the extra 4 pieces of plywood to add a 3D effect on the sides of the letters (using hinges).

They also drilled grommet holes in each one approximately 1 foot apart—big enough to fit a light bulb socket in it. They purchased light bulb sockets to Edison plugins off Amazon.

Then they bought 1-foot extensions that went straight into a plug strip—one for each letter controlled with a dimmer pack.

For the back wall they puchased 1’x8′ pieces of plywood and cut them in half. They staggered them on the back wall and uplit with blue LED cans.




Projection and Bulbs Rube Goldberg Machine Stage Design

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  1. Lavelle says:

    Looks Awesome!

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