Special Event Design


Joey Riggins from Lighthouse Church in Panama City Beach, Florida brings us this set seeping with testosterone.

This set was centered around the letters spelling mancave. They made the letters from 1/2” plywood cut into 4×4 pieces and painted various earth tones to give the stage some manly color. They used a transparency paper and a projector to trace the words on the wood. Then they nailed several nails about 2-3 inches apart along the outline. Then they wrapped string around the entire letter 3 times. Once the outline were there they filled in the letters with string.

Then they bore 1-inch holes in the top corners and threaded thick boat rope through each hole. Then they tied a large knot to give it a rigid feel.

They hung a couple deer heads on the walls and made some goal post out of 3” PVC pipe and draped with jerseys. Some deer hide, a recliner, and a lamp finished the set out.

The whole set only cost about $300 – all supplies purchased from Lowes.

Bubble Tree Twisted Cheer