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Kristine Corona and her team at Victory University Belt in Manila, Philippines brings us these Marvelous stage designs featuring superheroes.

They wanted to capitalize off the popularity of Marvel movies to engage students. So their team made 3 stage designs for the 3-week series.

Iron Man

They started with a large, 3-d Iron Man mask. They cut rubber sheets and glued them together to form the mask. They also used a rubber sheet for the lettering and attached it to styrofoam. They used gold and red spray paint to make a glossy effect. For the circular frame behind the iron man mask, they made use of rope lights to make an outline for the frame.


To create the Spiderman logo they cut metal sheets using iron scissors. For its back support, they used thick wires to strengthen it. To complete the design, they colored it by using black and silver spray paint. In addition, they tied a rope together and paint it with silver for Spiderman’s web.


The idea for X-Men stage was to create an embossed metal look. By using styrofoam and black and white acrylic paint they were able to illustrate the effect.

Photo Booths

Finally, they added a photo booth to the lobby for the series. They painted 3 Marvel characters on a styrofoam panel. Voila!

Rock Face A Clean Christmas

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