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Mason Jar Advent Calendar

Jessica Herzanek from Rocky Mountain Christian Church – Niwot Campus in Niwot, CO brings us this creative use of pallets, mason jars, and advent calendar concept.

The stage was inspired by the advent calendars Jessica had as a kid. These calendar days didn’t have chocolate behind every door, but they did fill a 32oz mason jar of Christmas lights for each day of the week. It brought in a change for each Sunday and an anticipation for the 25th.

The idea was to make our room look and feel “warm” and traditional in a trendy way. It was filled with 16 fake pine trees of all different sizes and at different levels. Covered in white lights.

They used wooden pallets as the calendar wall (3 veridical rows of 3 all fastened to lighting truss). All of which were kindly donated, mostly from Home Depot.

They also kept it traditional with the red/maroon velvet back drop that dressed the room.

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2 responses to “Mason Jar Advent Calendar”

  1. Nathan Logsdon says:

    Love the lights inside the mason jars! How did you run the Christmas lights into the mason jars?

  2. Casaundra says:

    Really would love to do this, this year. Do you have any other details or how tos?

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