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May the Stage Be With You

Dave Shephard from Thrive Church in Mt Pleasant, MI brings us this cool Star Wars themed stage.
Here’s the info from Dave:

Thrive Church is a young, portable church, currently meeting in a movie theater. We decided to capitalize on the upcoming Star Wars movie release by letting the theater do some branding for us! Our series was titled, “The Force Awakens,” telling the story of how Jesus’ birth awakened a new force of peace, hope, and love into the world.

The biggest trick with this design was coming up with something that could be set up and torn down in about 20 minutes, so we could be out in time for the movie theater to open for the Star Wars showings.

For the stage, we constructed two 12 foot tall light sabers out of a 4 foot tall, 12 inch concrete tube forms from Home Depot (about $10 each) and 8′ clear corrugated plastic sheeting (about $20 each). We painted the cardboard tubes silver, and used black duck tape to make the handle designs. The plastic sheeting was screwed together to make a round shape, and screwed into the cardboard tube using 2×2 pieces of wood. LED pucks were placed inside each tube, and lit up with full DMX control.

2 additional 12 foot lightsabers were made for our children’s ministry hallway, using the same handle method, but replacing the clear sheeting with 2 additional 8 inch concrete tube forms. They were screwed together and painted red and green to avoid using additional LED pucks.

There was an 8′ Death Star and an 8′ Millennium Falcon, both made of 1″ styrofoam. The design was drawn by one of our artists with a mixture of paint and sharpie marker. Up lighting was done with floor mounted LEDs.

The middle of the backdrop featured 6 LED lightsabers from Amazon (about $25 total), set to a mixture of red and green colors for the holiday season. The center of the stage used 2 double lightsabers in an X pattern (about $15 each).

The design was made complete with a graphic parody of the Star Wars “The Force Awakens” logo on the movie theater projection screen.

The Star Wars fans in our church will forever love us for this series design.










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4 responses to “May the Stage Be With You”

  1. Tony Ambrose says:

    What led light sabers did you guys use? There are a bunch of them on amazon.

  2. Bradley McCarty says:


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