Stage Designs

Mesh Mash

Gian Benallo from First Christian Church of Huber Heights in Ohio brings us this great design inspired by Crinkled to Smooth.

Gian created four box frames from 1×2’s–two of them 11′ x 2′ and two of them 7′ x 2′. He painted them flat black. Gian used small L brackets at the bottom of each leg, front and back, and secured them to the stage with screws. Then he took 3′ x 25′ rolls of screen from Lowe’s and crunched it together in random but even patterns. Then he placed it around the frames and attached it to the back side with a staple gun.

To get a little different look Gian took them outside and up sprayed them with chrome colored spray paint so the light would really reflect well. It added some contrast, making the lighter parts lighter and the darker parts appear darker. Then each one was up lit with a LED Par 64.

Modern Portable Grunge