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Mesoamerican Pyramid

Nathan Thomas from Berean Church in Pleasant Hill, IA brings us this cool pyramid structure.

They took corrugated plastic (8×4 sheets) that were $11 each and cut them into 3 different sized strips (3″ 4.5″ 6″). They used gaffing tape and small “t” pins to put them on the wall. They also cut 45 degree angles on the ends, then used 14 LED color bars (about $150 each) to light it up.

The materials, minus lights, cost $120.

In Pieces Floating Vs

6 responses to “Mesoamerican Pyramid”

  1. Justin says:

    What spacing was used between the strips? It appears to be different spacing.

    • Nathan says:

      We got it from a printing place…you can do the same. It’s only $11-$15 a 8’x4′ sheet

      also we just did different spacing…3″, 4″, 6″…totally up to you and random

  2. Kyle says:

    Where did you buy the corrugated plastic from?

  3. How are you projecting on that wide of a screen? Is it two projectors linked together?

    Can you send me links to the projectors you guys are using?

  4. carole says:

    How did you do the lights? Just from above?

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