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Metal and Wood Grain

Estevan Medina from Centro Cristiano Vida Nueva in Phoenix, AZ brings us this nice use of pallets and corrugated aluminum.

They went out to pick up scrap pallets all over town from building materials suppliers. Everybody was nice enough to donate them, especially since they were not looking to restore them and resell them. Taking them apart was the hardest part. They had enough volunteers from their church to help them out.

They framed them with 2×4’s and used a staple gun to connect the pallet boards. They applied a clear-coat sealer and added white lacquer on some boards for a distressed look. They added some aluminum sheets in between the pallet walls, drilled small holes, and glued in some string lights with hot glue. All together they spent around $200 in materials and miscellaneous. As you can see, most of it was labor.




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6 responses to “Metal and Wood Grain”

  1. Arilene says:

    Looks very cool! Glad my husband was a part of this design idea.

  2. Kyle says:

    Guys, this is amazing. I’d like to do a variation of this. How many pallets did you need to create your backdrop?

  3. Robert Collins says:

    Looks great. How are making the pallets stand? I mean is the frame attached to the wall or just standing up from a sturdy base?

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