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Meteor Shower

Jeff Boriss from Community Christian Church: Yellow Box in Naperville, IL brings us this awesome LED tape design.

From Jeff: We needed something somewhat quick and relatively cheap. What you’re seeing are pieces of PVC cut in half and then we glued in some RBG LED tape. They are connected to 4 LED/DMX decoders that are all connected to our lighting system through wireless DMX receivers (which area actually working really well). They’re lightweight so the rigging was pretty simple and straightforward.

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5 responses to “Meteor Shower”

  1. Jeff Gyorkos says:

    Looks great! What brand LED tape did you use?

  2. Benjamin Recinos says:

    How did you cut the PVC pipes? Also what size did you use?

  3. joshua galarza says:

    nice stage bro, what DMX decoders did you use?

  4. Dusty says:

    Beautiful design! What are the lights (make, model) under the side screens? Thanks

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