Christmas Designs

Milk Bottle Christmas

Lisa Rogers from Corner Point Church in Godley, Texas brings us these dangling lanterns made from plastic tea bottles. (Perfect design for a church in Texas.)

They moved their cross off of the stage to a side wall. They saved plastic tea bottles (Gold Peak 1.8 qt) – washed them out and removed the labels. They were concerned about the weight using glass jars and potential shattering, so they went with plastic. Plus they liked the shape of the bottles. They drilled holes in the lids just big enough to push the lights through. They used plain clear Christmas lights. They pushed the lights in through the holes in the lids pointy end first until the bottle looked full enough (about 2 feet of lights in each bottle).

Then they strung the lights from the ceiling, stapling the wires directly into the ceiling. They also decided to make a “scroll” for behind the cross. They printed the Scripture they wanted on a large roll of paper (printed for free at an engineering shop that creates large drawings). Then they tore strips from the sides of the paper, wrinkled it and finished aging it with base make-up and eye shadow.







Gifted Littered w/ Light

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