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Throwback: Mio Nomad Set

Jeff Abbott, the production director at Christ Church in Hickory, North Carolina brings us this eco-chic stage design made from Mio Culture Nomad System panels.

Jeff purchased 10 cases of White and 10 cases of Slate Grey to create the set. He pieced together the panels in 4 foot X 9 foot sections with an “arrow” design using the grey pieces. The side sections were a mirror image with a unique center section. The sections were built in place, row by row across the stage, building the center section last. Rubber bands were used to add a little support to the top over-hanging pieces.

The sections were lit from the top with 8 color scrollers and from the front with gelled pars. He also added 4 MBT LED Panels and up-lit the back row sections. The whole set build took less than 2 hours! He’s planning to keep these up until fall with at least one more reconfiguration of the panels.

The Nomad System comes in 9 colors, which in itself opens up a lot of opportunity for people that don’t have theatrical lighting to light up a set. Jeff has a Sketchup file available for anyone who would like it. Please email him at or visit

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7 responses to “Throwback: Mio Nomad Set”

  1. Joel says:

    Very nice! We will def. be using this stuff next on our stage! very cool!!

  2. Tom Clark says:

    Nice set! Approx. how much did you spend on the set? And is this stuff able to be hung? Any way to tie/stick it together?


    • Jeff Abbott says:

      We spent right around $1000. After main worship is done with the set pieces, student ministries and children’s ministries are going to use them in their environments. The re-usability helped me justify the cost.

  3. Joshua Delph says:

    What software did you use to model the stage design? We are looking at doing this and are looking for suggestions.


  4. So did you estimate how many you needed of each color just by creating the mockup in google sketchup?

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