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Mixed Media Jesus

Taylor Belt from Vancouver Church of Christ in Vancouver, WA brings us this design created by an artist at their church.

From Taylor: This design was used for Easter 2017. We commissioned an artist who is a member at our church to create a piece of art to go with our series called “Resurrection Beautiful”. The idea behind the series was all things are made beautiful when they come in contact with the power of Christ’s resurrection. On the first Sunday of Lent the congregation entered the Sanctuary to piles of trash all over the room and I mean all over the room. Yes, it smelled funny. Yes, some of it had bugs in it. Yes, some people complained but the message that was given was to “hold on! Join us in anticipation of what this will become”. Side note, neither I (the worship pastor) or the Senior Pastor knew what the final image was going to be. Over the course of the next several weeks, the artist would work on sections of the piece during our worship times. The frame of the final piece went up on stage during the Palm Sunday service and the final piece was erected the night before the Easter service. Needless to say, our anticipation paid off. The church was astounded by what trash was used to create.

The materials used here were a broken down pop up trailer from the 1970’s.


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  1. Duncan Campbell says:

    SO. GREAT!

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