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Kirkwood Bullis, Cameron Cross, Lucius Guthrie, Johanna Horstmann, Jake Hughes, Caroline Wallace, and Meredith Watkins from Valleydale Church in Birmingham, AL brings us this cool window looking design.

In a creative department meeting they were discussing how they missed the “traditional church look” with stain glass windows and simple design structure. It hit them, why not create that look and take their congregation back to those days in the church.

With that in mind, they enlisted the help of a few volunteers to help with the logistics of construction. They used the following items:

  • Plywood for construction of the stain glass windows
  • Sheer curtains stretched and stapled gun to light in the windows
  • 9 pieces of MDF to build the wall
  • 12 1″x6″x12′ pieces of wood to build the cross pieces, in order to create the board and batten look
  • 2x4s to create the support pieces on the back
  • Carriage bolts to hold the windows in place

Their members have loved the new look and some even said they were tearful when they saw it for the first time.

The finishing touches to this new stage design was the use of 14 LED bars, 8 on the front, and 6 on the back to cast two different colors throughout the service.

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