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Most Popular – May 2011

So last month, I posted up the most popular designs for April. People dug it…so here’s the most popular from May. You might notice some familiar faces from last time.

  1. Bubblewrap – 1,985 views (again!)
    by Van Metschke from South Hills Church in Corona, CA
  2. The Weave – 1,107 views (again)
    by Jeff Abbott from Christ Church in Hickory, NC
  3. Texturesized – 1,055 views (again)
    by Camron Ware from Visual Worshiper
  4. Playing with Blocks – 942 views
    by Rich Probert from Horizons Community Church in Ham Lake, MN
  5. The Weave Woven – 893 views
    by Yoel Torres at Potential Church in Florida
  6. The App Wall – 892 views (again)
    by Van Metschke from South Hills Church in Corona, CA
  7. The Weave Love – 887 views (again)
    by The Source in Bradenton, FL
  8. Sunburst – 807 views
    by Sarah Comer from City Impact Church in New Zealand
  9. Crinkled to Smooth – 779 views
    by Dan Olsen at Prairie Lakes Church in Cedar Falls, IA
  10. Exploding Boxes – 775 views
    by Jeremy Framstad from Grace Community Church in Fremont, OH

Great job, stage designers!

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