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Motion. Everywhere.

Andrew Leslie from The C3 Church in Cambridge, UK brings us this cool design with tons of visual canvas space.

Here’s the info from Andrew:

Everything was first installed for a one off event. We had ‘London Community Gospel Choir’ playing for a night, it was then after the event that the rest of the design came in for the Christmas Concerts the following weekend.

Design one: (For London Community Gospel Choir)

18 Modules of V-Lite R7I 7mm LED Screen, arranged in 6 Columns. Starting from 2 module high on the outside front edge of the stage, then going to 3 Modules high, then finally to 4 modules high at the back of the stage. These columns of screen created a back drop for the choir and also really helped to break up what is a very flat stage. All of the screen was controlled by the Lighting Operator using a Hippo V4 Boreal Server. We used the screens to play upbeat content and compliment the Band, lighting and triple wide projection.

Design 2: (This came in after the choir event for the christmas concerts)

The columns mostly all stayed but this time the 2 x 4 Module high Columns at the back of the stage became 1 central column with 1 module rigged on the side of the column to create a Cross.

Adding to the floor package of screen, there were 6 more modules, 3 were place in front of the keys riser and the other 3 were placed in front of the drum riser.

On top of the LED Screen on the floor, there were 8 Modules of screen that were flown from the grid on varying lengths of drop poles. Allowing us to create a ‘floating’ effect, which was nice. As the concert progressed I used to top screens more introducing them to compliment the floor package. This was really nice for the quieter songs as we could have deep blue washes and then snow coming down from the roof (On the LED Screens)

We wanted to really create a ‘WOW’ effect. So when people walked in we could make any conception they had of what a ‘church’ looks like disappear. People have so many misconceptions about church and we wanted to show them how modern churches look like. The big visual impact really helped to grab peoples attention and get them dancing and singing to the amazing god!

All Lighting and LED Screen was supplied by YSLV London. (

Lighting and video was Designed, Programmed and Operated by Andrew Leslie from YSLV.

Lighting was from a Chamsys MQ60
Video was from a Hippo V4 Boreal. Which played back the content across the screens.

Design 1 Kit List: (Extra Hired in on top of the church’s house rig)

18 x Modules of V-Lite R7i 7mm LED Screen
6 x Chauvet RGBA Quad Battens
1 x Hippo V4 Boreal
1 x Sender Unit – LED Screen

Design 2 Kit List: (Extra Hired in on top of the church’s house rig)

30 x Modules of V-Lite R7i 7mm LED Screen
8 x Chauvet RGBA Quad Battens
1 x Hippo V4 Boreal
1 x Sender Unit – LED Screen

Each module of Screen is 576mm Wide x 576mm Tall. And weighs roughly 11KG.







Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset


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2 responses to “Motion. Everywhere.”

  1. Anne Beaumont says:

    It was utterly fabulous

  2. Nhi Nguyen says:

    Looks great!

    Can you please tell more about the main projection? How big the screen, projector mode, how high/far it’s mounted, etc…

    Thank you for the inspiration.


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